NUMBERS 6:24-26
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      Company Profile
         Jacob Galeano is a global company of innovative artisan products, offering high quality products and reliable services to customers from different countries of the world, while maintaining commercial relations in different nations. We work with dedication to develop and deliver the best solutions in artisanal footwear , bags, dresses and aggregates ... to be able to turn the craft ideas into reality.

      Vision and Mission
        To be a brand recognized for its values ​​based on someone real you can not see, but you can feel through everything you do and everything that exists around you even in what you wear and dress, Dare yourself to feel and see yourself more special of what you already are with... JacobGaleano

      To offer and bring you our best to make you feel something special when you wear and dress Jacob Galeano with an inexhaustible magic touch, made by artisan people with spiritual values ​​of a single Great I Am.